Organizational Waiver

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As long as your space is free of water, debris, furniture or any other hazards that would interfere with dancing safely and comfortably, it is unlikely that accidents or injuries will occur. However, it is important that Xpress Dance & Fitness, LLC has permission from the owner or lessee of your space to use it for a dance class, and that such owner or lessee takes responsibility for risks and potential harms associated with using the space you provide.

The Team Leader must download a pdf of the Organizational Waiver and have it signed by a valid signing authority for your organization before class can take place.

The signing authority is someone who is authorized to contract on behalf of, and bind, your organization.

The Organizational Waiver permits Xpress Dance & Fitness, LLC to conduct classes at your space and confirms that your organization assumes any risks associated with use of the space during the class.

A signed copy of the waiver (faxes, PDFs, originals and copies are permitted) must be submitted to the Xpress Dance & Fitness instructor before class begins. Only one waiver is needed to cover all subsequent classes.

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